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     PORSCHE 911 CSR                                


Inspired by cars like "Singer" and other 964 backdates, I wanted a Porsche 911, with the relatively modern technique of the 964 and the looks of a "Long-hood". I did not care much for luxury (the airco and sunroof had to go) and wanted a "hardcore" street racer - one that would be light and handle even better than a standard 964. It had to be a daily driver, but also able to excell at rally's and track days. Because of this I call it the "CSR". The car had a lot of upgrades from varius Porsche specialists and the build and paintjob of the body was done by van Thull Development in Lith. It underwent a complete engine rebuild in March 2015 by v.d. Gugten, Bodegraven. The whole project took more than four years, but the result is wat you see here. Wat you can not see is the way it handles. Besides the beauty, it is also a beast that will give a lot of modern Porsches a run for their money. The light weight (minus 150 kg's), responsive rebuild engine, "Big-red" brakes and Bilstein PSS-10 B16 suspension makes the Porsche handle like a dream!




Engine power:


Car weight:


250 HP

320 NM

1190 KG






      Lightweight parts:

  • Front and rear fenders
  • Engine lid (carbon)
  • Front hood (glass-fibre/kevlar)
  • Front and rear bumpers
  • Front RSR spoiler with brake-cooling ducts and extra oilcooler duct
  • Roof (carbon/kevlar)
  • "Bullet" style chrome mirrors
  • Professional paintjob in "Porsche slate grey"



 4Engine19 2
  • Completely rebuild engine (March '15) by v.d. Gugten Porsche service, Bodegraven
  • Throttle valve housing mod. '92, ready for install of Cargraphic tuning set (+45HP)
  • K&N air filter
  • RS Carbon "Heizgeblase rohr"
  • RS clutch
  • RS flywheel
  • Airco-delete
  • Custom Stainless exhaust with Cargraphic "Cuprohr" and "Export Sound" muffler



  • Momo prototipo steering wheel with lengthening hub
  • "Recaro Pole position" rally/racing shells with custom alcantara inserts 
  • Cargraphic pedals
  • Custom alu-floorplates/"Rennline" footrest
  • "Rennline" airbag-delete cover
  • All carpet replaced with lightweight flameproof racing fabric
  • Interior and roof in alcantara
  • "RS" door panels in alcantara
  • Custom stainless "CSR" doorsill
  • Custom "Function first" long shift lever
  • Original "Heigo" roll-cage
  • Cruise-control
  • Becker "TrafficStar" radio/CD player 
  • AutoNorm class3 alarm




  • Fuchs style 7,5Jx17 and 9Jx17 rims, Michelin Pilot sports PS2 255/40 and 225/45
  • Optional TechArt; 8Jx18 front/ 9,5Jx18 rear
  • adjustable "Bilstein" PSS10-B16 shocks and springs
  • Carbon strut brace
  • 911/993 Turbo "Big-reds", Ø 320mm rotors
  • Goodridge steel brake-lines
  • Pagid brake pads



1Begin1 2



 Side by side with its predecessor.



Light grey leather interior with electric seats

 1Begin3  1Begin4 1Begin5 


 After I bought the car, its first stop was at "Car Service Robert Visser" in Hilversum for a few upgrades.

2Th1 2Th2 2Th3 


After driving it for a few years as a grey 964..... 



       ... I thought it was time for a change...         .... and let the guys from v. Thull Development   
                                                                                in Lith do what they do best...  


CSR spuitcabineSmall  2Th6 2Th7 




 2Th9 2Th10 



On it's way to the paint shop! 




 2Th11 2Th13  2Th15 




 2Th16 2Th17  2Th19 

a new look in silver...


      Back to v. Thull for some final adjustments


 2Th18   2Th19 3 

Trying some different rims



Flush Lexan rear window


 2Th19 2  

Ending up as a Silver "longhood", 


 2Th20  2Th21 2Th22 

ready for a "Carrera" livery...


Done by specialist John



 2Th24   2TH23





 3Exh1 3Exh9  3Exh2 

Obviously the 964 exhaust was too big
for the new rear (and too quiet)


Stainless steel artist Kevin to work
on the new 
CarGraphic "export sound" exhaust and "Cuprohr"..


 3Exh3  3Exh5  3Exh6


                            Custom fitting


 3Exh8 2  3Exh4  3Exh11

Only in need for a nice endpipe


 3Exh10  3Exh12  3Exh13

 Like this one!


Final fitting.


Done... Sounds great too!!!!


 4Engine1  4Engine3  4Engine2

Time for a fresh new engine


Car at Johan v.d. Gugten Porsche service in Bodegraven, engine rebuild performed by Joeri


4Engine4 4Engine5



 4Engine6  4Engine7  4Engine8



 4Engine9  4Engine10  4Engine11



 4Engine12  4Engine13  4Engine14
 4Engine15  4Engine16  4Engine17
     Throttle valve housing > '92
 4Engine18  4Engine19  4Engine20



 4Engine21  4Engine22  4Engine24






 5brake1  5Brake2  5Brake3
      Big Reds ready for installation together with steel brakelines..   
6CSR outright6CSR outleft
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