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                                                                           I really do love my 911.... But just look at her.... Handles great too!!


Porsche 968CS, built in 2008 from an original '94 Clubsport. Continuously upgraded from 2009 to 2012 and garaged after the latest updates.

Completely custom rebuilt engine (see specs below) with Rotrex C30 supercharger. Engine tuned by TVS engineering in Varsselveld: www.tvsengineering.nl  specialist in Rotrex supercharged engines. The engine ran for a few testing hours and two racing days (aprox 80 laps) after its built.

Onboard at her last race at Zandvoort, a fierce battle with a Porsche 996 GT3 MKII, losing a little on the straights and gaining in the corners:


Porsche 968 RSR vs Porsche 996 GT3  MkII  video


Engine power:


Car weight:

Weight/HP ratio:

Max Lat. G-Force:
376 HP/276 KW @ 7054 RPM

389 NM @ 5805 RPM

1140 KG / 2513 Lbs with fluids

3,08 KG/HP

1.65 G (Michelin S8B slick)







 IMG 5679
  • lightweight build in glass fibre (GF), Kevlar and Carbon fibre
  • Quick release frontbumper in GF
  • Carbon front splitter
  • Engine hood in Kevlar/GF with cooling ducts
  • Front + rear fenders in GF
  • Bold-on GT2-style fenders
  • Carbon/Kevlar roof with carbon air-intake
  • Kevlar/GF doors
  • All windows in high quality Margard/Lexan with sliding windows left and right
  • Clear Lexan headlightcovers with LED-lights
  • Custom adjustable Carbon 997-GT3 RSR wing
  • Tow hooks front and rear
  • Outside killswitch
  • Outside fire extinguisher lever
  • ATS airjacks with RVS dish
  • Airjackhose 5 meter with reducing valve-link
  • Professional paintjob in original Porsche "Black on black" colour



 968RSR engine klein
  • 968 CS based engine
  • Tuned (376 HP) by TVS
  • Rotrex C30 supercharger with extern oilcooler
  • 0.6 BAR boost (More boost possible with smaller pulley)
  • Lowered (9,2:1) Compression
  • Custom Pauter connecting rods
  • Cometic cylinder head gasket
  • Stage2 intercooler
  • 600CC fuel injectors
  • Porsche motorsport fuel pump
  • Custom 84mm airflow meter
  • Custom strengthened oil pick-up tube
  • Lindsey oilpan baffle
  • Open race air filter
  • Extra oilcooler
  • Large motorsport radiator
  • Solid engine mounts
  • Stainless exhaust



TVS Dyno 376PK II



                                                              COCKPIT & INTERIOR:

 968 RSR interieur2
  • Lightweight Carbon dash
  • Repositioned steering rack and steering wheel
  • Detachable Momo race wheel with communication button
  • Porsche motorsport quick release steering wheel hub
  • Fully adjustable Tilton pedal-box
  • Recaro "Pro-racer" racing seat
  • 6-point Schroth racing harness for H.A.N.S.
  • Carbon battery box on right-side floor with lightweight dry cell race battery with auxiliary connector
  • Custom aluminium floor plates right and left
  • Semiautomatic fire extinguisher system with in-cockpit and engine bay nozzles
  • Vetus fan for window and driver cooling
  • Fully chrome moly roll cage, FIA approved, welded to roof lining and A-pillars for ultra stiff- and safe construction




  • Starter button
  • Power kill switch
  • Boost gauge
  • Brake balance lever
  • Brake proportioning valve
  • AIM TG lap timer
  • KMS EGT display kit with thermocouple sensors
  • KMS lambda controller set
  • Professional on-board Kenwood communication set
  • DL1-Racetechnology Data logger + Dash3 Display with;
    • Shift lights
    • Gyroscopic/drift angle registration
    • coolingtemp
    • oiltemp
    • oilpressure
    • airtemp before/after intercooler
    • speed/gear/laptime/sector time



 AST suspension 



  • AST 3-way adjustable suspensionAST suspension2
  • AST camber plates
  • H&R springs, several spare ratings
  • K&R custom Chrome moly control arms
  • Chrome moly suspension, adjustable uniball-connection
  • M030 adjustable sway bar front
  • M030 sway bar rear
  • Custom bumpsteerkit
  • Powerflex black suspension bushes
  • Custom strut brace
  • 8 piston Brembo (Lambo Gallardo/Audi RS) front brakes with floating Ø365mm disks.
  • Brembos 2 LR911/993 RS rear brakes
  • A&P brake balance
  • Goodridge steel brake-lines
  • Pagid Yellow brake pads
  • Custom steering rack,deleted power assist
  • OZ SuperleggeraIII 9Jx18 / 11Jx18 wheels
  • Spare Wilwood brake cylinders in different sizes



 968 TransmissionDiagram2
  • 968 CS 6-speed gearbox
  • solid gearbox mount
  • Torssen 40% limm.diff
  • Sintered racing clutch



 Have a look at these video's made by HavikRS:


a racecar is born volume 1
a racecar is born volume 3  



 Beek1  A Trailer Beek  A Inspectie1

 This is how I first saw her...
Covered in dust and far from ready
but already extremely beautiful!


                      So I took her home...                                              ... and found out she needed
                                                                                                       a lot of love and attention.

 1Carbon roof airintake

Carbon roof & air intake


  • Repositioning steeringrack

  • Repositioning the rear airjacks

  • Replacing steel roof for carbon/kevlar roof with carbon airintake

  • Reinforcing the Chromemoly rollcage and welding it to the rooflining and A-pillars

  • Replacing Sparco seat for Recaro Pro-racer for H.A.N.S.



B Intercooler2


B John upsidedown


IMG 1115 

"Professor" Henny and John got to work...


                       John deep into...                                              ... and Henny on top of things!
Assen1   Assen2 Assen3 

The first test on a wet TT-Assen circuit.. 


Spa1 Spa2

The first test at Spa Francorchamps, again we needed rain tires!





at Hockenheim with team Paul Geeris PGMotorsport!



 B GT2bouw1


B GT2bouw2


B GT2bouw3 

Time to make some room for wider tires

 Fred doing the welding

 John taking it easy while checking Henny's work


 B GT2bouw4

B GT2bouw5  B GT2bouw6 



almost done...


 Done! The new OZ rims fit perfect!


 difference2                        difference1



Spot the differences?!



8pod brakes

 B newfrontfenderFire extinguisher

BIGGER than big (reds), 8 piston Brembo's !


 New front 

Airjack dishAirjack2Airjack1

Air jacks



Kenwood radio  suspension rear   Suspension front

Kenwood radio 

a close up of rear- and front suspension with custom HKS chrome moly control arms and uniballs


 B Intercooler0 B Intercooler3  B intercooler4
The intercooler was to small
and Henny was not happy with the plumbing.
So he installed this one. 

 Air temperature sensors we fitted before and after the intercooler.


 B Intercooler6   TVS Dyno 376 PK Porsche 968 RSR 30 10 12

  We went for another run at the TVS dyno.


 Resulting in a healty 376HP (348 HP at the wheels).

C Assen C Assen almostready  IMG 1507

Almost ready for my first race with the RSR..


 A moment of concentration!


And a good result!


Waiting for action @ Zandvoort



Race technology Zandvoort testday

Zandvoort: Racetechnology data





 RS Fest Rosmalen 14



RS-Fest Rosmalen sept. '14


RSR by night...


 ...and day.


 IMG 4297 2  latest1 kont 
Nice ass?!

Coverfoto 968RSR II 




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