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Having been a car fan all my life, I owned and liked to drive many different kinds of car when I was young… except Porsche. I knew, of course, that Porsches were good cars but at that particular time, unexplicably, they failed appeal to me.

A few years later, I ran into an ad for a blue 914 (4-cyl) and discovered that I actually could afford a real Porsche... So I bought it! It was not very fast but I noticed it felt solid in the way it handled and I could corner it a lot faster than any other car I had driven. As could be expected for the money it wasn’t a really good specimen so it didn’t last very long. (Actually, I crashed it trying to impress a girlfriend!)


       Bleu Porsche 914


Many cars followed the 914… a Ford Escort XR3i, two Opel Commodore’s GSE coupé's, BMW 5 series and E30’s and a few Audi’s (90 Quattro coupé and convertibles).


Then, in 2006, a friend of mine convinced me to participate in a rally trough the Belgian Ardennes and the Eifel mountains in Germany. I entered in that rally with my Audi A4 convertible and noticed numerous 964 Porsches passing me very fast with a beautiful flat six sound! It became clear that, not only were the Porsches very fast, they also kept on going, despite being driven hard…
That was not the case for a couple of Ferrari’s and other cars that broke down more than once on that occasion. My interest in Porsche peaked once again and when one of my fellow rally drivers told me he had a nice 964 C2 for sale! I picked it up the next week. 


1LeMans RacingForHolland1

After visiting some F1-races in Europe, I was in Le Mans in 2007 with my friend Robert-Jan. We were there as guests of David Hart who competed that year with Jeroen Bleekemolen (who won a year later in a Porsche spyder RS with Jos Verstappen and Peter van Merksteijn) and Jan Lammers - one of only two Dutchmen winning Le Mans overall, this one being his 20th LeMans race - in LMP2 class. The 24 hours (give or take) were like a dream and I loved every minute of it...

After the race, we drove back to Holland with Jeroen. After a while he got tired of me asking him a thousand questions about what it is like to race brutal GT-cars in general and the LMP2 at >320 km/h on the Mulsanne-straight and he suggested to find out for myself and get a racing license! And so my friends John, Robert-Jan and I did exactly that. At Bleekemolens racingschool @ Zandvoort, of course.   

WRs raceFord

E30 Rbrt in kreukels

Needless to say, we did not get the hang of it right away! But, eventually, they issued us a license, so we figured it was time to get ourselves a racecar!

When we were convinced it had to be Porsches, we almost automatically came together with an expert on the 944 Porsche, Harry Verkerk: www.rff-motorsport.nl


S2 6 

We bought 944’s… S2's for Robert-Jan and me and a TurboS for John. 


I drove the street legal 944 S2 for some time and, before I took it to the track at Zandvoort, Harry Verkerk added essentials to the car like steel brake-lines, Pagid brakepads, Toyo-888 semi-slick tires and a set of Bistein shocks. The biggest surprise for me was the difference a set of good shocks and race-brakepads made! It was a completely different car!

944S2 small

         S2 15

Of course, we needed to strip the cars from all the parts we did not need on the track (although Robert was convinced he could not do without his stereo and sunroof!) and dress up our cars with ‘racey’ things like roll-gages, fire-extinguishers, racing seats and eventually.....More power!!!

                                          S2 21

 Then it was time to do some serious racing.. So we joined the Porsche Club Racing.


to be continued....



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